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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 16, 2022
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Taiwan must know about the "K-type recovery" in the second half of the year! Chen Yanhao, general manager of Jiaguilin, pointed out, "The asset allocation is re-optimized to ensure that the asset allocation needs of the upper end of the K-type recovery will be released after the domestic epidemic is lifted." He further analyzed that the lower end of the K-type is working hard to build just-needed products. The upper end of the K-type pays attention to the fact that the investment rate should be higher than the inflation rate. Therefore, in the principle of picking overweight assets, we should pay more attention to the two key points of "the strong and ever-strong location" and "high financial property real estate". The "Xinsong Plaza" in the pre-sale project of the photo retouching Dayin team in Xinyi District is connected to the Xinyi Project, the portal of Da Nangang East District, and the golden triangle core of Nanjing A Office luxury residential settlement. It is located on Songlong Road, Songshan New Station, Citylink and Tsutaya Bookstore. Expand the specifications of the first-row seats in the business district. In the era of the rise of e-commerce and minimally invasive, the Dayin team took advantage of the opportunity to launch the only profitable "new OFFICE" product in Xinyi District, targeting Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Roche, SAP, Shopee, LVMH International big names such as the Group have seized the general trend of entering the Xinyi Project Zone in the wake of the hot money wave, and have undertaken the economic spillover effect of the transnational capital filling the Xinyi Project Zone in one fell swoop. Figure 2: This case connects Xinyi Plan, Da Nangang, and Dazhi Internal Medicine Golden Triangle Core (regional 3D diagram).
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Nayeem Ahmed

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