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Police using their dominating power on lower class

In any society, socio-economically backward people are the punch bags of the justice system. Many times poor or socially backward people bear the brunt of police atrocities. That is because they are easy prey. Moreover, the poor have neither money, power nor influence to get out of the clutches of the police. They don’t even have easy access to the Judicial system. So the poor sometimes languish in Indian jails for years despite being innocent.

To make money from the poor people, the police exploit them by filing fake F.I.Rs and provide false evidence. Poor people are helpless and have no other alternative but to listen to the police.


In the case of Bhim Singh v State of Jammu and Kashmir (1984), the petitioner was suspended on the opening day of the Budget session from the Assembly. Later he was arrested and taken into custody. His wife filed a petition to declare his arrest as illegal. The Court held that the arrest was illegal. However, the police can misuse their powers and arrest the person on baseless grounds. Many times it has happened that the police have arrested the wrong person to solve the investigation beforehand. In the Madhubala Mondal case, Mondal was 59-years-old and wrongfully detained for three years in Assam as a result of “mistaken” identity by the police. Many innocent people have died in fake encounters conducted by the Police. The police officers further ask for money from families and relatives of the person who is illegally arrested for his release. This is called an illegal or false arrest.


1. Proper Training, Technical Assistance and Better Standard of Living

2. Police Complaints Authority

3. National Human Rights Commission

Online Complaint with NHRC

First is the online Complain Registration. For this, You have to open the website of the National Human Right Commission and then go to complaints. Under complaints section, there is an option of complaint registration. By clicking that Online complain registration form will appear. Simply, fill the form and register it.

Link for the same is provided -

Offline Complaint with NHRC

The second option is the offline complain. National human right commission provide application form for complain on their website. Link for the offline form is provided here “”. Just print the application form under complains. Fill the form and submit it to NHRC within the prescribed period of time.

The complaint can be sent by the following

By post: National Human Rights Commission Manav Adhikar Bhawan Block-C, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi – 110023

By fax: (011) 23386521

By email: (general)/ (for complaints)

Complaints maybe filed online by clicking on the following link:

Complaints can be made in the 24 hours mobile number of the Commission: +91 9810298900

4. Registration of FIR Regardless of Jurisdiction

5. Involvement of NGOs and Media

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